Floods and other similar disasters occur on a regular basis. They can cause major water damage to homes and property. Whether the flooding in you home is due to a natural disaster like a hurricane or a large sudden rainfall or is because of a burst pipe or overflowing plumbing, there are certain things you need to do to minimize water damage and stay safe.

Find and Eliminate the Source of the Flood

In most cases this is the easiest step. 90% of the time that flooding occurs in your home, you will know what caused it before you get a chance to look at the potential damage. In the case of a hurricane, flash flood or other disaster the source will be immediately apparent. Generally there will be nothing you can do to stop the flooding except wait.

However, if the source of your flooding is a broken pipe or overflowing plumbing fixture it may be harder to find and stop the flooding. Sometimes it may simply involve shutting off a valve or turning of a faucet, but it may be more difficult to find the source. In these cases you might want to call an expert in water damage to assess an discover the source.

Start Removing Water and Drying Floors and Walls As Soon as Possible

Once you have stopped the flood waters it is time to start cleaning up the mess and work on reducing the potential for water damage. If the flooding is severe, you may have to wait until the waters have receded a bit on their own before starting to clean up. Severe flooding may call for special tools, such as a sump pump, to help remove the water. You may also be able to move the water towards built in drains in the floor.

Once the water has reached a more manageable level, you can start working on some other ways of drying up the flood and reducing water damage. It is important to turn fans on to help the room dry faster and to reduce mold and mildew caused by water damage. You can also begin to dry some of the surface water with towels and other absorbent materials. The more thoroughly that you dry the area that was flooded, the less chance there will be serious water damage to your home in the future.

Call an Expert in Water Damage to Help Assess the Problem

One of the most important things you can do to eliminate and reduce the amount of water damage to your home after a flood is to call an expert in water damage. An expert can find small problems, such as the beginning stages of mold, and eliminate them before they become a problem. Another advantage to calling an expert in water damage is that they may have access to tools and tricks that you might not have. The sooner you call and expert in water damage, the less likely you will have to pay for expensive repairs in the future.

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