Infrared (IR) cameras, just like infrared thermometers are used to detect surface temperatures in your home. After flood or other intrusion of water, a professional will use an infrared camera to assess the state of your home after carrying out the restoration services. The camera will allow the professional achieve great advantage when trying to detect traces of wet surfaces in your home. After a professional uses the camera, there are high chances he will notice areas with moisture and work on them before leaving your home so that you will get rid of mold development.

An infrared camera will produce thermal images which will show areas with temperature variation. This will make it very easy for the expert to notice areas which have moisture. Even if the areas are hidden, it will be very easy for the expert to identify them and work on them so that your home will be left when it is fully dry. On the LCD screen, cold areas will show as blue while warm areas will show as red. The indication of warm or cold areas will not indicate at once the presence of moisture, but the professionals will go an extra mile and check on the areas to ascertain they are dry. This will make the work of the professional when trying to restore your home to the way it was before the floods easy.

The infrared cameras are among the best water damage tools which can be used to scan large surface areas when trying to search for traces of moisture. The areas which will appear cooler on the infrared camera will indicate evaporative cooling effect, cooler temperatures in the walls which are conducted to the surface or cold which has been transmitted from other surfaces. The professional will carry out complete analysis of the place to ensure it is dry or figure out the cause of the images on the LCD screen of the tool.

Cooler temperatures can indicate other factors apart from evaporation and moisture. For example, they can indicate cooler air striking the surface from home appliances such as air conditioning unit. Lack of insulation in a wall cavity or presence of water pipes running in the area can indicate the blue images. Misinterpretation can occur due to presence of non-porous materials in the areas been assessed. This is simply because non nonporous materials will not allow accurate temperature information. Moisture meters are also other water damage tools which can be used to assess the condition if a camera cannot be used. The two can be used in areas where the professional will receive conflicting information so that a clear conclusion can be drawn.

In order for the users of the infrared cameras to receive accurate information out of its use, they should undergo proper training on its use. It is upon you to ensure the professional whom you are about to hire has undergone the necessary training so that you will receive accurate results out of the analysis.

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