Part of the many problems that strike old houses is detecting water damage. This can be caused by a serious storm, poor foundations or even leaking pipes. Sometimes it’s easy to spot signs of water damage but more often than not you will see it when it’s too late. Undetected water damage can cause wetness and mold growth which leads to health issues like asthma and colds. In extreme conditions it can even cause permanent structural damage that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Whether you are moving houses or living in an old area, DryAgain can help you inspect your house for structural issues and water damage.

Signs of Water Damage

1. Musty smell

Sometimes you may not see it but you can always smell mold and mildew when you walk into a room. This may be hidden in other rooms so try the basement and bedrooms. Though old houses are generally stuffy, the smell of mold is very clear and damp. A house that has water damage also feels wet and cold all the time.

2. Water stains

If you start seeing water stains, swelling and soft patches on the wall all over sudden, your walls have water. This is more noticeable around windows and doors. Another sign is swelling hardwood floors and a wet feeling when you step on it. If you see discoloration on your carpet, cabinets and any fabric touching the floor or wall, that’s a sign of wetness.

3. Crumbling and cracking

There are specific areas that crack and peel off. Whether it’s covered in paint, a water damaged area will eventually pop up and reveal itself. Watch out for drywall that is crumbling near the ceiling and cracks on the wall.

4. Buckling walls and floors

This is especially noticeable in wooden floors and walls. If you walk and the floor is making a buckling noise, it has been accumulating water and swelling over time. Eventually they will burst open and expose the surface beneath.

5. Standing water

In very extreme case of water damage, you will find a pool of standing water in the garage, basement or attic. This is mostly common if the cause of water damage is still present such as leaking pipes and rain. The fact that water is standing still and not moving means that the surface has already accumulated too much water. Standing pools of water continue to cause damage, attract insects and smell very bad.

6. Listen

Shut down all noise and listen if you can hear any leaks on the sink, bathroom and the roof when it is raining.

Water Damage Solutions

Once you start noticing some signs of water damage in the house, it’s important to call water damage restoration experts to come and inspect the house. DryAgain Restoration responds to emergency calls all day and night if you suspect water damage in your house. Our services include confirming the damage, inspecting the source and restoring your damaged areas. We remove any water that is standing, dry up the surface and repair the leaks. We also clean carpets, dry furniture and deodorize every single corner of the house to prevent mold buildup. Call us today for more information.

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